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Though it’s in French, it’s worth watching the “making of” this short video, which comes up as an option, for the visuals. No digital tricks….all powered by analog candle light! Enjoy!

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Christmas, with it’s proximity to New Year, is a time of deep reflection. Lennon poses a potent question in “Happy Christmas”; “Another year over, and what have you done?” What you’ve done doesn’t have to be a big thing to be significant…..it just has to involve getting beyond yourself and committing the small random acts of kindness and beauty that make the world go round. So take this moment to think of one small thing you can do today to lift someone’s spirit…..and do it! Do it now!
Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year !!!!!!!

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The words in the title of this post are lyrics from the song “Love Radiates Around” by the Roches. This short video is an example of a life being lived by these words in action. Worth the watch!

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As many of you know, NAMM, our big January trade show in Anaheim, Ca., is fast approaching. It’s always an exciting time of year as our last minute prototypes arrive just before Christmas, and opening the boxes that house them is even more exciting than opening the best gift imaginable. The thought that an idea has traveled half way around the world via cyberspace and returns as a three dimensional object never ceases to amaze me.

December 8th was the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death. For many of us who remember it, it marked the end of an exceptional era on many levels. Our local radio station played songs and commentary on my drive to work and  by the time I arrived I was feeling a bit nostalgic and subdued. Upon arriving, I walked straight to the loading dock where I knew that a package containing new uke and travel guitar prototypes had arrived the previous afternoon. As soon as I opened the first box, the sight of the Peace Uke brought me such happiness that I lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree!!! . And I’ve smiled every time I’ve looked at it since then. It’s perfect….exactly as I had envisioned it.

The peace sign at the sound hole is laser cut and the laser etched words for “peace” in different languages form a graceful continuum  down the mahogany sound board.  Although I have held this vision for a long time, the design was beautifully executed by Alex Morgan, the U.K. artist that brought our Henna guitars to life. We are also offering a Peace Travel Guitar (below) and have some engaging plans for both of them in 2011.

So, to John…..thanks for all the amazing memories and for your legacy. The dream lives on. And to anyone reading this:

“Imagine all the people ….Living life in peace ”

Peace Out!


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