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Chances are you own a camera. You may not think it’s optimal for making beautiful portraits, but you’ll be surprised. Try this list of tips for getting a worthy shot of you and your Luna.

Kristen Porter

1 – Plan It. Luxuriate in the task. Think it through. Decide if you want a torso or full body shot. Do you want a
recognizable background or stream of light? Might you need a prop or two?

2 – Set it. Match the shot in your mind with the perfect setting: sky, water, a wall, an alley, a staircase, a spit of sand.
Whatever you choose, don’t lose yourself and your instrument in the background.

3 – Dress up (or down). Reflect your personality and style. Set off your instrument.

4 – Find your mood. In every photo session there is an element of mood. Where’s that emotional place you go when you
play music? How do you get there? Incorporate the journey.

5 – Pose & Frame. Hold your instrument naturally and try several things. Play. Move. You and your photographer will
both be moving as you look for the angle that frames you and your instrument. It is possible to have the instrument
connected to you without actually playing.

6 – Light. To insure a clear and sharp picture try to get as much light as you can on the subject (you!). Avoid shadows
in the picture frame. Also, make sure the camera is held as still as is humanly possible or use a tripod.

7 – Take lots of pictures. Take luxurious amounts of time. In-between each shot, change something. Move slightly, or
change an option on the camera. Or change the lighting slightly. Anything. Completely fill the memory of your camera. Or
even better, stop and download, erase and start again. The more pictures you take, the greater the odds that you’ll find
something among the many that is really, truly you.

We would love to see what you come up with and will post the most creative results in next month’s newsletter!
Please mail your favorites to yvonne@lunaguitars.com.

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