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French artist David Letellier has created an ephemeral and mesmerizing kinetic sound sculpture for Saint Sauveur Chapel of Caen, France entitled ‘Caten’. Letellier developed the work from 300 fine wires suspended from two ropes and given shape by gravity and the slow shifting of rotating arms connected to the four corners of the stringed fabric. The name is derived from the term catenary, which describes the plane curve formed by a rope hanging between two points.

The piece produces an interpretation of the first verse and four notes notes (do re, mi, fa) for the prayer ‘Ut Queant Laxis’ or ‘Hymn to St John the Baptist’ as the draped wires are slowly rocked. The sculpture mirrors the arches of the architecture and engages with them as the sounds of the piece bounce off of the high-roofed space. Letellier notes, ‘the low frequencies resonate in the space and emphasize the transcendental character of a place once dedicated to faith’.

As a stringed instrument maker, I am blown away by this one-of-a-kind instrument constructed of the same materials that give voice to all stringed instruments! See more of this artist’s work on his website. And enjoy more shots of “Caten” below.

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drawn from How it All Began: The Origin of the Guitar by Derek Cockrum, & Stalking the Oldest 6 String Guitar by Thomas Heck

The guitar actually has a mixed heritage, but the origins of the modern instrument can be traced back to Spain. In fact, the word “guitar” is derived from the Spanish word “guitarra.” Knowing the origins of the guitar, as well as its extensive history, can help players develop a deeper respect for the instrument. In addition, knowing how the guitar has evolved helps players understand the construction of the modern guitar.

It is generally assumed that the string instruments emerged about 4000 BC from the hunting bow and the sound it produces while shooting. Around 2000 BC the Babylonians frequently made such string instruments, not only in a simple harp or lyre form, but even with a solid wooden neck and a primitive sound box of stretched animal skins. Just like the bow, the strings ware made of woven plant fibres or animal materials.

Assyrian/Babylonian musicians playing lyre-type instruments

Sometime around 40 AD, the Romans made their entrance into Spain, or Hispania as it was called. With the Romans came a musical instrument known as a cithara.

4 different types of Cithara used by the Ancient Greeks

The cithara was a type of lyre, but it was typically played by professional musicians. It had a wooden sounding box made of two tables connected by ribs. Above the box was a tuning bar, and the strings were stretched from the tuning bar to a tail piece on the box. Notes were played by strumming strings with one hand, while using the other hand to deaden the unwanted strings.

In the 8th century AD, the Moors entered Hispania from the south. The Moors brought an instrument called an oud.The pear-shaped body of the oud was flat on the front, and bowl-shaped on the back, and it usually had more than one sounding hole. At that time, the most common oud had only four strings, and the neck was not fretted. Tuning was accomplished by turning the keys on the pegboard. Both the oud and the cithara were played with a pick, although the oud could also be played by slide and vibrato.


Eventually, the cithara and the oud were combined into two instruments: the Moorish guitar and the Latin guitar. The Moorish guitar retained the rounded back, multiple sound holes and wide fingerboard of the oud.

Moorish Guitar

The Latin guitar, on the other hand, had a more narrow neck, a flat back and one sound hole. Despite having only four strings, the Latin guitar of the 11th century is clearly the predecessor of the modern guitar.

Latin Guitar

The earliest six-string guitar is dated 1779, and is commonly believed to have been made by Gaetano Vinaccia, a member of the family of Italian luthiers, or stringed instrument builders, who developed the mandolin.

Vinaccia - 1st 6 string circa 1779

By the mid-1800s, the guitar had taken on its familiar shape, and bracing inside the guitar had been changed to the modern fan style. The guitar’s evolution continued nearly one hundred years later with the invention of the electric guitar. Here are a few examples showing its early evolution.

circa 1800

circa 1806

circa 1820

circa 1830

circa 1845

Knowing the history of the guitar increases a player’s ability to appreciate the details of the instrument. Players have little difficulty identifying the features handed down from both the oud and the cithara, or in appreciating why that particular combination of features was used. A deeper appreciation of the guitar leads to a deeper respect, which shines through when the instrument is played.

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by: Yvonne de Villiers

I am pleased to announce that Alex Morgan is Luna’s new “Artist in Residence”. Though she calls the UK her actual home, Luna has been a virtual home for Alex since she was commissioned to create the artwork for our first Henna Guitar, and now we’ve made it official.

Alex with her favorite flowers

A bit of back story….when I conceived the vision of a Henna guitar it was important to me that the design be authentic, so I contacted Catherine Cartwright Jones who was preparing a dissertation on Henna for her Phd. at Kent State. Because she was too busy with her studies to take on a project, she providentially put me in touch with Alex and the rest is guitar history! Alex immediately “got” the idea and the Henna “Paradise” was born, followed by many more designs drawing on Henna and other indigenous ornamentation. It has been a true honor and pleasure to work with her on projects over the past 7 years. Her talents are both amazing and varied as you will see below, and her heart and soul shines through everything she puts her hand to.

Luna sits down for an interview with Alex so the Luna family can get to know her “in her own words”.

1. What ignited your passion for design?

I’ve always made patterns and loved drawing. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t draw, even as a small child I made patterns all the time. I decided I wanted to be an artist when I was four years old so I think it’s always been part of who I am rather than just something that I do.

2. What is your design background? (did I read that you did medical illustrations?)

After graduating in Graphic Design and Photography, I worked as a scientific illustrator at the University of Oxford. It was a job where I got to use both drawing and photography skills in an applied setting. I kept a large green inflatable frog in my studio to entertain scientists while they had their photograph taken; it helped to break the ice a little. I enjoyed the discipline of working in a scientific environment but I found it important to balance that against creative freedom. For me that’s where my love of henna art began.

3. You have at least 6 books out on ethnic ornamentation. How did you become interested in Henna design and other Styles of ornamentation?

My initial contact with henna was via a photograph of a North African woman wearing henna. She had an image of a fish marked on her palm and simple dots and lines on her fingers. I found the idea of marking hands very powerful, I was fascinated and instantly hooked!

My first project was to adapt popular contemporary tattoo styles and a few key animal totems for henna art which is a different medium from tattoo with it’s own conventions, pace and fluidity. After that I began to collect patterns from other cultures or time periods and reconstruct them to suit henna application.

The immediacy of certain types of ethnic ornamentation is what engaged me and prompted me to collect and translate these designs. Patterns can connect directly with the brain at an emotional level and I like that directness and simplicity in the art form. Humans have always been attracted to patterns and mark making, I think this is a fundamental to us all, whatever vocabulary we use, reaching across continents, cultures and time.

Alex's first design - the Henna "Paradise"

4. What was your reaction when first asked by Luna to design a “Henna Guitar” ?

It was a perfect moment, simply wonderful! I totally understood what Luna was hoping to achieve, the intimacy of marrying the artwork to the musical instrument to create something strong and special for the musician. At that time I was working on a collection of Medieval Spanish henna patterns, the historical connection between that place and period and the origins of the guitar itself fell perfectly into place.

5. You’ve done quite a few designs for Luna over the years…..which was the most challenging?

The henna Oasis, was tough. I think I had poured so much into the Paradise design that second one was a real battle. Strangely enough despite my battle with the artwork now Oasis is the guitar I feel most comfortable with and the one I’m learning to play.

6. Do you have a favorite?

The Paz Bass is a beautiful instrument, I enjoy the combination of the smooth shiny surface against the etched wood and Paradise is special to me because it was the first one… but my favorite is always the next one. The design on my desktop is always the instrument I’m most involved with. It’s important for me to let the others go once they leave me. They’ve grown up, left home and they perhaps they take a little piece of me out into the world with them but once they leave me it’s all about the next design moving forward.

Paz Lenchantin Signature Bass

7. If given another lifetime, what profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing! I’m very lucky. Perhaps more time to continue along the path I’m on, more time more patterns, more guitars!

8. What are some of your other passions?

I enjoy working with natural dyes like henna and also indigo they add an enchantingly random result to your artwork! I also enjoy insanely bright colours, poppies, pebbles and drums but not necessarily in that order.

Here is a visual sampler of some of Alex’s other passions. You can also visit her at http://www.spellstone.com/Enjoy!

Celtic Eye
An 18″ Irish Bodhran frame drum decorated with henna commissioned by The Henna Page™ Calendar 2010. The pattern is a Celtic inspired design. The henna leaves a permanent stain in the drum skin that will continue to darken for a few months even after the henna has been removed.

Celtic Eye
An 18″ Irish Bodhran frame drum decorated with henna by. Commissioned by The Henna Page™ Calendar 2010. The pattern is a Celtic inspired design. The henna leaves a permanent stain in the drum skin that will continue to darken for a few months even after the henna has been removed.

A simple photograph from my garden this summer.

Indigo Khamsa
This design created using natural indigo dye; A Khamsa is a protective amuletic design believed to deflect the evil eye bringing good fortune and luck.

Jack Tower
Close up photograph of little Jack Ant from the children’s fabric collection ‘Baby Jack’. http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/spellstone

Amuletii Jewel
A small glass jewel made using one of a series of indigo resist Khamsa patterns.

Red Cat
Henna on paper, Red Cat is an illustration from my one-man show ‘Earthfolk’ featuring mixed media images made with natural dyes. The blue is coloured pencil but the reds and oranges are all henna.

Tusk tribal Earring
Tusk earring design. Hand carved in dark/black water buffalo horn.

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Luna is excited to announce the Grand Opening of Luna University on July 15th!!! Luna University is a special site that offers free online guitar courses, taught by some of the best players on the planet, exclusively for Luna owners!

To keep the passion ignited on their musical journeys, Luna players will now have
unlimited free access to Luna University and the entire library of inter-active video guitar lessons produced just for Luna by our friends at Truefire.

Whatever their preferred style of music happens to be, beginners through advanced players will find solid instruction and tons of inspiration at Luna University.

Here’s how it works:

1. If you’re a current Luna player and you’ve already registered your instrument, visit the registration page under “service” on the navigation bar. Click on the “Already Registered” link at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to receive a username and password on your confirmation page that will give you full access to Luna U..

2. If you’re a current Luna player and have not registered your instrument, visit the registration page at http://www.lunaguitars.com to register and we’ll respond with a username and password on your confirmation page that will give you full access to Luna U.

3. If you plan to make Luna purchase, be sure to register your instrument at http://www.lunaguitars.com and we’ll respond with a username and password on your confirmation page that will allow you full access to Luna U.

4. Click Luna University on the confirmation page and dig in!!!!!!

Here’s a preview of the current Luna University courses and the talented instructors that have brought them to life!

Playing her own percussive technique of ‘slap-tap’ acoustic guitar, Vicki Genfan has been showcased as one of the world’s top guitarists at festivals such as The International Montreal Jazz Festival, Germany’s Open Strings Guitar Festival, Italy’s Soave Guitar Festival and hundreds of venues and Performing Arts Centers across the US and abroad.
“I understand completely why the audience applauds and whistles so wildly — this is fiery, living music!” – IndieMusic.com
Vicki was one of the featured artists on La Guitara, a CD featuring the world’s top female guitarists across all styles. She was also the first woman to win Guitar Player magazine’s Guitar Superstar Competition, after competing against nine other world-class players in front of celebrity judges.
“Vicki mesmerized the audience and the judges — not just with her stunning technique, but also with her musicality and charisma.” – Michael Molenda, Chief Editor Guitar Player Magazine
In addition to being a dazzling instrumentalist, Vicki is an award-winning singer/songwriter with a high-energy stage presence. Drawing from folk, jazz, pop, soul and world music, whether covering the tunes of others or presenting her own compositions, Vicki has a distinctive style that pushes the boundaries of the singer/songwriter genre into new territories.
“Vicki has brewed her own style and created a new kind of singer-songwriter culture.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine
While hopping between continents for performances, master classes and clinics, Vicki loves teaching and has two Instructional DVDs to her credit and is in high demand at clinics and music camps all over the world.
“If I could play like Vicki, I’d stay home and entertain myself.” – Steve Vai

Luna artist and TrueFire acoustic guitar top educator, Vicki Genfan covers essential and very effective techniques for spicing up acoustic rhythm guitar parts for accompanying singers, performing cover tunes or composing original tunes.  Ideal for singer-songwriters and early intermediate to advanced players.

Luna artist and TrueFire acoustic guitar top educator, Vicki Genfan introduces the student to her signature Slap-Tap technique in this series of compelling video lessons. Genfan covers thumb slaps, harmonic tapping, harmonic brushing, left hand harmonics, body percussion and more. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players.

Ravi’s professional credits are hard to beat. The guitarist, singer, and songwriter has performed on the stages of Madison Square Garden, Lousiana Superdome, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Rosie O’Donnell, Today Show, Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live and a White House Christmas party for President Clinton.
His autobiographical tour journal was published by Simon and Schuster, and the number of magazines, newspapers, and television news clips that have covered his career is impressive.
“Guitar Whiz” – Musician Magazine
But all that aside, what makes Ravi an incredible teacher is his love for sharing, skill as a communicator, and desire to guide others to live their dreams.
He is a regular “artist in residence” at world renowned Berklee College of Music, a speaker at major music conventions including NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers), and a contributor to some of the industry’s most respected magazines including Electronic Musican and Music Inc.
Ravi has conducted more than a hundred guitar clinics throughout the USA and volunteers as a music teacher through non-profit organizations targeting some of the poorest kids in the world, from inner-city Los Angeles to the remote villages of India.
“Ravi has a great way of presenting, one that reaches both the head and the heart” – Berklee College of Music
Ravi spends about 200 days a year on the road, but thanks to Guitar Sherpa, Ravi can continue to teach privately online, share his knowledge and interact personally with his students around the world no matter where he is…a perfect platform for a globetrotting musician and teacher!
“The guitar industry is fortunate to have Ravi encouraging young players to ‘live the dream’ with integrity. He has obvious talent as a musician and skills as a communicator” – Greg Bennett, former vice president of Guitar Center

TrueFire educator Ravi reveals the underlying music theory, performance techniques and practical tips for playing some of the most popular chord progressions used by top singer-songwriters.  Ravi demonstrates how to play them on guitar and how to incorporate them in your own arrangements and compositions. Ideal for any level player.

Jeff Scheetz is a prolific songwriter, renown performing artist, master educator and monster guitarist with eight CDs, six TrueFire courses and numerous publications to his credit. Jeff’s music can be heard on Toyota and Chevy commercials, TV Shows and one of his songs, “Lakota” was a finalist in the John Lennon songwriting contest. His band’s latest CD, “Behind the Mask” was selected as one of JPF Awards’ Top 10 Rock Albums – out of 42,000 entries!
“At times, he seems to be abstractly pulling notes out of thin air, making his guitar laugh, sing, cry, or scream on command.”
Scheetz has been heralded as one of the planet’s top guitarists in dozens of national and International guitar magazines and has toured worldwide headlining shows with his own band and opening for the likes of ZZ top, the Scorpions, Eric Johnson and Jeff Healey.
“Scheetz uses his trademark killer vibrato and fleet fingers to deliver an enormous sound shock.”
Jeff has conducted over 300 clinics and has endorsements with Yamaha, DiMarzio, Ernie Ball, Overture guitars, Spectraflex and Dailey guitar amps who designed Jeff’s signature tube head. Scheetz also led 1,721 guitarists into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest guitar ensemble, which was featured as #8 on the Top Ten Plays of the Day on ESPN’s SportsCenter.
“If feeling and emotion could be measured, Jeff Scheetz would register ‘Beyond the point of no return’. Past the posted limit! Eleven on a ten scale!”
Jeff has a passion for guitar education and has been teaching beginners and seasoned professionals alike for over 25 years. He’s authored instructional books and dozens of articles and has also taught classes on various aspects of the music business. Jeff is also the Director of Guitar Sherpa and has been instrumental in helping design and shape the interactive learning experience.

Grab your Luna electric guitar, plug in, turn up and start rocking from your very first video lesson in this quick-start rock guitar course for flat-out beginners from Jeff Scheetz and the folks at TrueFire. No tedious theory. No boring exercises. You will playing a few tasty rock guitar licks from your very first learning session! This is great info for Acoustic players as well.

TrueFire’s Blues-Rock Professor Jeff Scheetz presents ten essential blues-rock rhythm licks you MUST know! Jeff first performs the licks over a jam track and then breaks it down note-by-note in this series of videos. Students get the video lessons, jam tracks, tab and notation. Ideal for intermediate and early advanced players.

Aptly named as one of the “Men of Steel” by Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, Richard regularly fascinates his audiences with fingerstyle gymnastics while spinning yarns too unbelievable not to be true. In addition to his concert performances and recording sessions, he presents instructional guitar and sound reinforcement seminars worldwide, bringing a vast experience of teaching and touring to listeners of all ages and players of all levels. Based on Richard’s eclectic mixture of stylistic approaches to the acoustic guitar, he offers substantial insights and amusing takes on fingerpicking patterns as a “language” for 6 ad 12-string guitar. His “Meet the Artist Program” (Music in the Schools) for primary, middle and high school students, and group seminar sessions for college music departments, incorporates Richard’s vision that music is an art of many spectrums.
Today, acknowledged as one of the most unique and humorous performers on the contemporary acoustic scene, Richard is respected worldwide for his command of the 6 and 12-string guitar. He continues to work on his craft under the direction of classical guitarist David Walbert, who has studied with renowned violinist Frances Magnes, and guitarists Gil de Jesus and Sophocles Papas. Richard is also a contributing writer for Mel Bay Publications on-line magazine, Guitar Sessions®, Singer & Musician, Fingerstyle Guitar, and for a number of trade magazines and industry blogs. International Public Radio fans often sample Richard’s wit and zany outlook on life on syndicated shows such as RTE Lyric Radio of Ireland, BBC radio of Northern Ireland, BBC Orkney, National Radio New Zealand, as well as numerous local radio shows in America.
But it is his live shows that bring out the best in this artist who follows a distinct cadence that creates a glow that continually grows a little brighter with each tune. “Gilewitz fingerpicked with such graceful facility and improvised so intelligently that he is a guitarist to follow here,” observes The Washington Post. Whether playing solo, conducting guitar seminars and school programs, or sharing the stage with fellow performers, Richard Gilewitz always creates a sparkle of mood mastery and wonderment.
Richard has appeared in concert with:
Brooks Williams / The California Guitar Trio / Richard Thompson / Warren Zevon / Mose Allison /John Fahey / Leo Kottke / John Prine / Norman Blake / Kenny G / Adrian Legg / The Little River Band / David Bromberg / Taj Mahal / Greg Brown / John Hammond / Steve Morse / Patty Larkin / The Indigo Girls / Joe Ely / Rory Block / America / Mike Cross / Sonny Landreth / Maria Muldaur / Jane Siberry / Loudon Wainwright III / Lucinda Williams / Jorma Kaukonen

Richard Gilewitz presents an engaging jump-start series of video lessons for beginning acoustic guitar. Ideal for flat-out beginners, this TrueFire-powered course covers all of the essentials without forcing the student through tedious theory or boring exercises – you will be strumming your acoustic guitar from your very first learning session!

Richard Gilewitz presents an engaging jump-start series of video lessons for beginning fingerstyle guitar. Ideal for flat-out beginners, this TrueFire-powered course covers all of the essentials without forcing the student through tedious theory or boring exercises – you will be playing fingerstyle guitar from your very first learning session!

We will be adding more classes as time goes on, and if you like what you see, check out Truefire where over 450 top artists and educators are building what Guitar Player magazine calls “the planet’s largest and most comprehensive selection of guitar lessons.”

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This year, Luna was a very proud sponsor of Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night, produced and fueled by our friends at Truefire. Our own Vicki Genfan was featured along with Andreas Oberg, Billy Sheehan, Carl Verheyen, David Wilcox, Don Alder, Fareed Haque, Lee Ritenour, Makanna, Martin Taylor, Muriel Anderson, Peter Bursch, Ravi, Rick Vito and Steve Trovato.

This years performance was held in Anaheim, CA after the NAMM show and is now available for viewing in it’s entirety on Truefire TV. Hook your computer up to a big screen TV, pour yourself a beer or a glass of wine, kick back and prepare to be amazed! SERIOUSLY amazed! WATCH THE MAGIC HERE!!!!!!!

All Star Guitar Night is a unique, guitar-centric event bringing together talented  musicians for a night of both acoustic and electric music. The finest pickers on the planet assemble on stage to amaze standing-room-only audiences. The event typically features an acoustic and an electric set, featuring artists with household names as well as up-and-coming musicians.
While the evening celebrates the guitar and entertains audiences, it also raises money and awareness for a very important cause – music education for children. The artists donate their time and talent and the sponsors generously fund this event so that disadvantaged children can have access to instruments and music instruction in their schools.  Muriel Anderson founded the Music for Life Alliance, which is the beneficiary of the event and works with non-profits disseminating instruments, funds & research nationwide. Every event is unique and filled with memorable and unforgettable performances.

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Hmmm....now what?

Vicki Genfan and Tay Hoyle spent their childhoods thinking of how to better “take the show on the road”. Vicki Genfan is an astonishing guitarist we are proud to call a Luna artist and Tay Hoyle is an artist in her own right, responsible for much of the engineering and interior design of the John Lennon Bus.

Because of technological advancements, a traveling musician can now make the entire world his or her stage. The challenge was how to traverse the country economically with all the comforts of home yet untethered and unleashed, free to play spontaneous gigs on the road between scheduled gigs as well as record and broadcast them. (cue drum roll) Enter Vicki’s Van!!!!

The Vicki Van!!!!

Vicki’s Van started with a stripped down 2005 Dodge Sprinter which Tay transformed into a remarkable rolling home, studio and stage. The “home” has such well thought out amenities as a complete kitchen replete with pantry for Vicki’s gluten-free supplies, a closet with a mirror and shelving for make up on the inside of the door that acts as Vicki’s dressing room, a zen fountain and space for meditation and qigong, and wireless web access for business and entertainment purposes. It even has a sofa for rehearsals or impromptu jamsessions.

No healthfood store in town? No problem!

Vicki, Catie Curtis & friend rehearse before show

The studio is in progress and will be housed beneath the bed which flips up to reveal a monitor with studio equipment at either side. The stage pulls out of the back of the van and speakers will be permanently mounted on the open doors.

Where would you like us to set up?

The van currently runs on diesel, but to make it even more nimble, green and frugal, Tay also has plans to eventually convert it so that it will be fueled, at least partly, by recycled vegetable oil.

You can catch Vicki’s Van in action in the following two videos. The first was shot by our friends at Truefire, and the second was shot before their recent trip to this year’s Folk Alliance conference. Vicki will be using the stage to broadcast her whereabouts and promote upcoming schedules on her site.

Be on the lookout! Vicki’s Van is “Coming soon to a theater or parking lot near you!!!!”

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Luna just got back from the 2010 NAMM show in Anaheim, the largest and longest-running musical instruments and products trade show in the United States. After 4 intense days of great business, great friends (old and new), and simply amazing music, we are digging our way out from under emails and dealing with jet lag. For those that have never been, it is a hard experience to describe. This year there were over 90, 000 registered attendees and 1417 exhibitors showcasing anything and everything to do with music. Most of these exhibitors had instruments. Imagine all of them cranking it up to 11 to be heard above the din! OK….now imagine being there for 4 straight 8 hour days. Hopefully this helps you understand why the word “intense” describes the experience.

Before the show, there is always mad rush to get carpet laid, booths set up, instruments displayed and signage hoisted amid crates, forklifts and assorted heavy equipment looking like large space rovers scurrying to and fro in a surrealistic landscape.


More Before

Here are some pictures of the Luna Booth before the wild rumpus began! This year we wanted to honor our Luna “tribe” so we used pictures of Luna owners as the front and back cover of our catalogue as well as on our  “Join the Luna Tribe” signage.

Join the Luna Tribe!

The signage actually disguised a little oasis of sanity…..a semi soundproof room with chairs, a refrigerator full of drinks, and a crock pot full of a sumptious pasta dish. And thanks to our friends at Luna Bars, Luna di Luna Wine and Blue Moon Beer, we were able to spread a lot of cheer. Here are some pics of some of our instruments on display.

Overall View of Booth



Safaris and Gypsys

Flora and Fauna

Woodland, Henna & Oracle

Trinity & Americana


Opening day arrives, and the wild rumpus does, indeed, begin as dealers line up outside and spill into the halls at 10:00 am.

The Line Outside

Dealers Deck the Halls

Luna Dealers and Potential Dealers

But amidst all the business, what we were all there for, the music, manifested all around us at the convention center and venues throughout Anaheim. Luna artist Vicki Genfan performed a live percussive guitar set at Thursday morning’s NAMM U Breakfast Session as well as at the Muriel Anderson All Star Guitar Night which Luna was truly honored to be a part of.

The Muriel Anderson show featured the following mind-blowing lineup!!!!! We were so beat by Sat. night that we had only intended to stay for part of the evening, but each performance was so collectively jaw-dropping that everyone lucky enough to be in attendance was both mesmerized and energized by the stunning array of talent. And what was SO cool about it is that there were no egos there…everyone was just grooving on everyone else and it all radiated around! After the initial response of wanting to burn their guitars, the players at our table were totally inspired by all the possible forms that music can take.

A special thanks to our friends at Truefire for making it all happen! We were invited to dinner by Brad and Ali of Truefire with the promise of the best flan on the planet. Not only did they deliver on that promise, but our table was graced by the company of Muriel Anderson, Stu Hamm, Leo Henrichs and Raughi Ebert of Tierra Negra as well as Robert Conti, another guitar legend.

The Sacred Flan

Wish I could share the excitement of the All Star lineup RIGHT NOW, but be sure to check the All Star Guitar Night site in a few months and you’ll be able to see the entire show. Hook your computer up to a big screen TV, pour yourself a beer or a glass of wine, kick back and prepare to be amazed!

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