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I saw a short video of Paul McCartney lately in which he told the story of being inspired to compose a song using only 2-Finger chords after viewing Picasso’s painting “The Old Guitarist”. A fun challenge for a player of any skill set!

Listen to Paul McCartney’s tune and try one of your own!

Here is Picasso’s “Old Guitarist” with a Luna Oracle Eclipse. More masterpieces with Luna Guitars to follow! See if any of these inspire a little tune. : )

Picasso's "Old Guitarist" with Oracle Eclipse

Grant Wood's "American Gothic" with Luna Banjo headstock

Frieda Kahlo "Self Portrait" with Athena 501

Bunce's "Melody" with Luna's Trinity Mandolin

Leighton's "Music Lesson" with Luna's Trinity Bouzouki

Chagall's "The Kiss" with Fauna Phoenix

Matisse's "Musique" with Luna Muse

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa with High Tide Ukulele

Chagall's "Over the Town" with Andromeda Phoenix Bass

Picasso's "The Dream" with Tattoo Uke

Rosetti's "Daydream" with Fauna Butterfly

Rosetti's "Il Ramoscello" with Luna headstock

Van Gogh's "Bedroom" with Luna's Starry Safari travel guitar

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