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It is a thing of beauty when guitar companies, non profit organizations and professional musicians come together for a common cause! Guitars in the Classroom and Playing For Change are teaming up to bring you Playing for Change & Education!, an exciting online auction featuring unique and celebrity signed musical instruments & sports memorabilia, plus a variety of treasures and special experiences you won’t find anywhere else including tickets and VIP passes to Playing for Change concerts! Auction proceeds will create free musical opportunities for children and teachers in the states and around the world!


Why should you check it out?

– The auction is a fantastic opportunity to save money on quality musical instruments, accessories and hard-to-find experiential items, while supporting the missions of Guitars in the Classroom and Playing for Change to continue bringing the healing and teaching power of music to communities and children around the world.

– The auction features instruments signed by Jack Johnson, Jackson Browne, Jake Shimabukuro and others

– In addition to music-related items, there’s also
– Sports memorabilia signed by top athletes from NBA and NHL teams
– VIP Passes to the 30th Annual John Lennon Tribute Concert at the Beacon
Theater in New York
– Ticket packages for Playing for Change Concerts including personal meet
& greet w/ band

– The auction features musical merchandise from companies like D’Addario, Greg Bennett Guitars, Godin, Levy’s Leathers, Luna Guitars, Martin, Ovation, Peak Music Stands, and Washburn. (alphabetically)

The auction will run from Sunday, October 24th – Sunday, November 7th, 2010.
FOLLOW AUCTION UPDATES HERE. You can also fan the GTIC Facebook page for auction news.

Music has always been the universal language, and musicians have always been on the front lines working as a force for good on the planet. We need that spirit of cooperation now more than ever!

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Guitar Boat

I’ve seen these pictures of Aussie singer John Pyke in a guitar boat floating around facebook, but had assumed it was photoshopped. Just found out today, it isn’t! How cool is it to come up with your wildest fantasy and make it happen???!!!! Just wanted to pass on the inspiration.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” ~ Goethe

You can watch his Guitar Boat in action here:

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I came across a statement that black holes emit the sound of B flat and was instantly intrigued. A Google search using the words “B flat and black holes” resulted in 291,000 reputable results with poetic titles such as “Black Hole Strikes Deepest Musical Note Ever Heard” http://www.space.com, Black Holes Singing in B Flat?” MSNBC, “Black Hole Hums B Flat” BBC news.

In September 2003, astronomers at NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory found what can be described as sound waves in B flat emanating from a supermassive black hole. The black hole can be seen in the Perseus cluster of galaxies located 250 million light years from Earth. But this is not a B flat you or I can hear. It is 57 octaves below middle C. A piano, by comparison, contains only seven octaves. So if a black hole hums, it hums at a frequency a million billion times lower than you can hear.

Somehow I think this little know fact has not gotten the attention it deserves! Hopefully an attentive reader will be creatively challenged by the possible implications.

Bb 2.0 is a an amazing collaborative music and spoken word project conceived by Darren Solomon from Science for Girls. The videos can be played simultaneously — the soundtracks will work together, and the mix can be adjusted with the individual volume sliders. Deep play!!!!!!!

Click here to see this project in action!

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